Now Hiring Window Tinters

Sunnyside Glass is looking for dedicated window tinters.

Job Responsibilities

Install window tint on vendor, customer and dealership automobiles using quality products and the most trusted techniques for the best results.

Remain in constant communication with necessary personnel to ensure projects stay on schedule and are completed per the latest company standards.

Remove dirt and debris from windows and windshield, and apply primer before starting every tinting job.

Choose the right tools, equipment, and parts necessary to complete a job.

Use the shop software system to enter, update and verify job information before, during and after each individual tint job.

Help keep the designated tint station and the rest of our work environment orderly by cleaning up after every job, putting tools and equipment back in their proper place and performing janitorial duties when needed.

Auto Glass Repair – Replacement Company Zebulon, Molena, Meansville Pike County GA

Auto Glass Replacement Zebulon, Molena, Meansville, Concord, Williamson, Hilltop – Pike County GA

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If you need your windshield replaced, call Sunnyside Auto Glass.  Sunnyside glass strives to stay #1 in auto glass replacement in Pike County for quality, convenience, and cost.There’s never a “good” time for auto glass damage to occur, and then it seems impossible to make the time to get your car or truck into the shop.  But don’t risk your safety and those of your loved ones by driving around Pike County with a cracked or poorly installed windshield.

A damaged windshield is much more of a hazard than simply obscuring your view or becoming a distraction.  Airbags are designed to deflect off the windshield.  If that auto glass fails or pops out due to improper installation, you loose that vital protection.  Furthermore, an intact windshield is an important part of your car’s structure, typically providing around half of the support strength in a rollover accident.  In many cases, such as the following, insurance companies insist on replacing a windshield rather than repairing it.  You should replace your windshield if it has any of the following.

Most windshield replacements cost about $179. Windshield Crack Repairs typically cost $99+.

Windshield replacement For any Vehicle Zebulon, Molena, Meansville, Concord, Williamson, Hilltop – Pike County GA

From Chevrolet and Ford to Land Rover and Mercedes Benz, Sunnyside Glass is ready to replace your windshield. Sunnyside Glass services just about every automotive Make and Model on the road today. Yes we replace windshields on Commercial Trucks, most RV’s and other special vehicles. However, we do not repair or replace glass for sun roofs, or convertible tops. We also don’t specialize in mirrors or glass cutting services. Our specialty is mobile windshield replacement and auto glass repair costs for all passenger vehicles. If you’re from the other side of the pond, yes we provide windscreen replacement and windscreen repair for your BMW.

Most cars and trucks take less than one hour for windshield replacement or auto glass repair costs. However, some parts/autos can take much longer and some even require two people to complete. Examples are back glass/back windows for Ford F Series (F150′s, F250′s, etc) and windshields on Porsche cars. These (tougher jobs) may not be available with our mobile service and have some increase labor costs. We do our best never to deny a single customer of the quality service provided by Sunnyside Glass regardless what vehicle they drive!